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Blogger skip sievert said...

I have a suggestion for Kurzwel.
Take the $500,000 M.I.T. Prize, , and convert it to cash in bills. We will say 1 dollar bills, as they would form a large pile.
Then do a simple science experiment to see what this money is actually worth in energy.
Put this money in a pile outside somewhere and using a match, light it on fire.
Calculate its worth in B.T.U.`s . which ofcourse could be done with just one bill, but remember that this is showmanship, and razzmatazz we are also doing. For effect you could say.

Make this a public demonstration that he is willing to go to jail for.
I believe it is illegal to burn money.
What would this accomplish.
Kurzweil who seems to be a publicity hound with a nose for attention getting, will get the most attention of his entire life.
He can always write more books in jail , so that is not a big issue.

Until the underlying falsehoods of this type of system are exposed expect more of the same.
It does not make any difference if 10 Kurzweils pop up to astound us with their clever inventions.
Our society will still destroy itself and in a very desultory manner in the not to distant future with our current operating system.

The goal of the Technocracy movement is to present what an actual alternative society would look like.
It does not have to be a bad culture. It can be a fun and wonderful culture. Not with the Price System in operation though.
It can only be a sick , and delusional culture.
What sounds better.?
Do we use a piece of paper with numbers on it to determine value of something real in an abstract concept.?
Does a carpenter use a ruler that changes every few minutes.? If you put a 5 on the paper is that what makes it worth 5.
Money is good to maintain the caste/class system. Not really good for a good society to do business with as a medium.
Burn baby burn. and get real.

Could I request any of you out there who know this famous Kurzweil to try my experiment.? I think the authorities would let him off fairly lightly, and he just might do more for society than all of his books, and his interesting muddling thoughts have done up to this point.
Any in the blogosphere able to forward this message to Kurzweil.?

I make a solemn promise that I will visit him in jail.

6:02 PM  
Blogger Brandon Bailey said...

It's, I think.

7:52 PM  
Blogger skip sievert said...

Could you do it.? Then you can inform him as to your blog at the same time. I did write it down for future reference in case I have to find out what his visiting hours would be if he takes my suggestion.
He might just get public service though.

7:53 AM  

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