Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Ray Kurzweil is utterly relentless, merciless, and authoritative as he hammers home his vision of the future. He doesn't just make this stuff up, but opens his book with about fifty graphs depicting the exponential trends in current technology. Graphs depict the increase in computer power, its reduction in cost, the nanotechnological patents applied for, the size of chips, and so on. Dr. Kurzweil doesn't so much indicate trends, as prove that they are inevitable.

Polymath Ray Kurzweil is difficult to debate, he practically invented the voice-recognition software that is now used on every 1-800 phone line, as well as the modern electronic synthesizer, and he has been described as the 'rightful heir to Edison.' A gentleman by the name of Dr. Richard E. Smalley was foolish enough to attempt a critique of Kurzweil and recieved a ten-page broadside in 'Singularity.' Smalley is on the ropes in about two sentences with his wild 'Fat Fingers, Thin Fingers' assertions, and by the time ten pages are up the guy is cringing in a corner."


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