Friday, September 01, 2006

Time Travel and the Singularity

"We know today that time travel is potentially possible. If the Singularity expands in all possible ways it should also expand in all time directions."

"Today humankind is only able to upload (copy) conciousness on the time axis (you yesterday, you now, you tomorrow). Sometime into the future we maybe able to copy conciousness on the three space dimensions.

Since today we cannot move back in time, we don't face the paradox of facing the other me that lived yesterday. Somehow I think that the time travel 'kill yourself yesterday' paradox is linked to the 'upload me but don't discard the old me paradox.'

The interesting thing is that when we come to the time axis our conciousness doesn't have the option of not being copied to the next future time frame, so we don't bother. But we think of being copied in space, enter in this machine here and wake up there in a split second."


Blogger Brandon Bailey said...

"What lies ahead is so bizarrely beyond our imaginations that it will probably make the difference between being alive and being dead meaningless. That seems like a strong statement, but you have to remember there are basically limitless states of mind beyond the normal one most of us experience every day and that these states never enter the equation. Well soon they may."

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