Sunday, April 22, 2007

"How can marriage survive the Singularity? Procreation and sex will be completely divorced. Once artificial wombs are created no woman will want to go through that ordeal. Men will not be required in any facet of having a child. The economy is over once we have molecular manufacturing. There is no need of a husband for support. AI nannies are far more 'loving' and gentle than any person can be.

After about 600 years of marriage how many couples will still be intact? After a few fights where you 'heal' with your virtual lover in cyberspace will another actual person be attractive ever again? Why? I can have my ideal mate who always says exactly what I need to hear. Why bother with messy reality?"

"I agree that the nature of marriage will change. Love has been described as a strong selector.
Families have been the basic sociological unit of every culture thus far, and in the past, caring for one's family was often a zero-sum situation. With radically altered social and economic conditions, I think our ability to love (i.e. select, or assign value) will expand greatly beyond our relations and those who happen to be physically near us."


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