Monday, May 28, 2007

"ANDY KESSLER: Someone has to invent these new tools. Careers often switch from service to design. Technology companies embedded the intelligence of operators and tellers into silicon and software and delivered their functionality cheaper and faster and better and expanded the market. I think in someway, this may happen to front line doctors. But there are great careers and wealth creating opportunities to help design these new technologies. The market is not just 300 million in the US, but 6 billion around the world.

RONAK TALATI: Thank you let me ask a follow-up on different opportunities out there.

RONAK TALATI: Let’s say there is an AMSA student or a health provider with an idea for a new medical technology. How do you suggest they follow this to fruition? Is there opportunity for them to profit from being a physician involved in health care?

ANDY KESSLER: Absolutely. Often, ideas can just take existing technologies and do it better. Some of the greatest technologies, like angioplasty, were brought to market by someone who saw it in operation and improved on it. Figure out what works, what is most predictive of disease and then pursue your ideas. There are venture capitalists out there to fund these ideas. Protect yourself by writing it all down and sending a letter to your-self with postmarks of the date. Or hire a lawyer and get a patent. But don't just use new technologies. Help invent them!"


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