Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Cross-pollination of computer science, nanotechnology, and biology are rapidly
bringing advances which have nearly unlimited potential. We have arrived at the
most important period of human history. The choices we make right now will
determine the fate of mankind. It could lead to a humanity which transcends the
limitations of biology and expands throughout the stars or our utter extinction.

A group of very bright people have formed The Lifeboat Foundation to help
navigate the minefield that lies ahead. In addition to addressing the risks
themselves, they're also looking at ways to preserve life off-planet should
their efforts fail and everything on earth is destroyed."


Blogger Brandon Bailey said...

"The system will eventually find itself spreading across the galaxy so fast it hits
the speed of light. Kurzweil toys with the idea that the speed-of-light barrier is there to be broken, which opens up the prospect of the entire Universe being taken over by an omniscient superintelligence within just a couple - a few centuries."

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