Monday, September 04, 2006

It is said that it will be possible to download a brain to a computer, so it should also be possible to copy it.


Blogger skip sievert said...

The only problem is they will want to charge you money for it in a Price System. I doesn`t really matter what technology is come up with, with our system as is, it is only used to gather money. Money is an abstract concept which is much coveted, but has no value. Any number of resources can be destroyed to accumulate more of the stuff.
We need to change our culture. If we can do that we could separate technology from money. Unless we separate technology from money, the technology is only a tool, and is abused , and usually dumbed down. It is not used unless money can be made.

Explore Technocracy.
N.E.T. or network of European Technocrats has information available to down load for free also.
Technocracy offers a complete program/alternative to our current money based system./ We also need help in letting people know about our ideas. We need your help.

My book Beyond the Cloak of Deception - Politics , Religion & Economics in the Price System - is also available for free at the above site

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