Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Bill Gates has described Kurzweil as in a class by himself as regards to accurately predicting the trends and pace of technological development.

Ray Kurzweil is considered one of the top inventors on the planet.
Omni-font optical character recognition machine
Print-to-speech reading machine for the blind
Text-to-speech synthesizer
Synthesizer capable of recreating the grand piano
Large-vocabulary speech recognition"


Blogger skip sievert said...

Just because that jerk Bill Gates thinks something , so what. He is basically only a Price System flunky accountant.
In this system technology is not used to best advantage. The whole personal computer thing was a complete fraud.
All you ever needed was a keyboard and a screen. The rest was a gigantic hoax to make money. You disagree.?
Think about it. All that waste of all those resources, just to make money. It didn`t have to happen. It could all have been done from central computers at the start.
Ah.~ not as much money to be made.?
And this tells the real story.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Brandon Bailey said...

I would agree that Intel probably could have gone faster. They have invented tri-gate transistors but are waiting a few years to implement them.

5:13 PM  
Blogger skip sievert said...

Under this discredited system , if and when things are implemented, is always a question of money.
What is the real value of money.?
Well lets see. How many B.T.U.`s could you get out of it if you burned it.? I suppose a few fractions.
Would it work well for insulation.? No that wouldn`t work.
Does it work in a system , in a hocus pocus way, and an Alice in Wonderlands way to measure fake value.? Does it symbolize an abstract concept known as debt.? Is it actually a debt token from a system based on class or caste maintenance.? Did it work sort of in a scarcity based price system like capitalism or communism.? Is that what money actually is.?

In a Price System as we have , all choice is made with only this one thing that is only an abstract concept, which in reality does not measure anything real.

11:10 AM  

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