Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Many leading technology industries have been aware of the possibility of a Singularity for some time. There are concerns that, if the public understood its ramifications, they might panic over accepting new and untested technologies that bring us closer to Singularity. For now, the debate about the consequences of the Singularity has stayed within the halls of business and technology; the kinks are being worked out."


Blogger skip sievert said...

The kinks are being worked out.?
Ha Ha.~ ! ~
The politicians and their enforcers the religious cranks, are trying to figure out how to control it to maintain their control of the caste or class system.
How to make it compatible with the price or money valuation system.
WARNING ; That means more of the same unless things are changed as to societal template.~!~

7:45 AM  

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